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The NACU Steering Committee would like to welcome you to the official website of the National Association of CX/JX Users!
The National Association of CX/JX Users is a nonprofit organization with a long history of helping members get the most out of their Jenzabar software. The organization serves as a sounding board for Jenzabar proposed changes to the CX/JX product line as well as a conduit for user concerns. 
Our purpose is:
  • To promote and provide education, training and updates on topics of interest relating to computing and CX/JX products.
  • To promote sharing of information among member educational institutions particularly as it relates to the use of the CX/JX products and system.
  • To provide a forum for education, training, information dissemination and information sharing among member educational institutions and Jenzabar through an annual conference, newsletter and other methods deemed effective.
  • To promote collaborative efforts among member educational institutions.
  • To provide and promote focus groups on the CX/JX products and system to provide valuable feedback on the product's performance and to provide insight into enhancements needed to make the products and system more valuable to the member educational institutions.
  • To provide a structure and mechanism for member educational institutions to inform Jenzabar of the needs and desires of the association and suggest possible issue resolutions and product enhancements to Jenzabar.

If you have a comment or want to find out how to become a member and gain access to other resources on our members-only site please click here.

NACU SC Members

Your current steering committee members are: 

Jay Blum, LaRoche College (finishing term for Dan Lukac)
Ryan Cocoran, Carroll University (2015-2017 1st term)
Tony Goedde, University of Findlay (2015-2017 1st term)
Marcia Gower, Springfield College (2016-2018 2nd term)
Dan Lukac, Mount St Joseph University (2015-2017 4th term)
Donna Painter, Wilmington College (2016-2018 2nd term)
Harold Rodgers, Bethel College, IN  (2016-2018 3rd term)
You have no incoming announcements.
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